Our Story

Part I.

Certainly Soap founder Cambrea Horn-McNair was born and raised in Fresno, Ca where she always had a creative side. After moving to Southern California for a volleyball scholarship at California State University Dominguez Hills, she pursued an undergrad degree in Business with an emphasis on Sports, Entertainment, and Hospitality Management. After joining Corporate America, she found a major attraction to the event industry after she was tasked with planning the company holiday party.

For Cambrea, creating unique designs and interacting with clients for their most prized occasions was everything she could’ve dreamed. It wasn’t until Cambrea became a wife and a mother that she finally put her skills to the test. One Eleven Events Company was born, and inspired by the birth date of her daughter Peyton on January 11th. While living in New York, she traveled back and forth to California for a plethora of clientle. Non-profits, private, corporate, and social events are just a few of the many event types she contracted.

After making the decision to relocate back to California, One Eleven Events Company was ready to take on a new purpose, but shortly after her move, the world was hit with a Global Pandemic leaving many event professionals scrambling. As many small businesses did, One Eleven Events Company struggled to break new ground.

“Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.”

- Les Brown

Part II.

After losing multiple contracts at once, Cambrea fell into the dumps. Two whole weeks of frustration and worry was all she needed to get motivated. She was determined to figure out her next move in the middle of such madness. One night she ran a long bath, and prepared to meditate on how she would persevere. As she sat in the bathtub racking her brain on new ideas, she reached for a bar of poppy seed soap she had purchased and began to cleanse her body.

As she felt the poppy seeds against her skin, the simple pleasure of an everyday task entrapped her brainstorming session, and soap making came to her without second thought. One bath inspired a desire to create something she’d never done before, and that was exciting! From there she began to do research on the handmade personal care industry. She educated herself on the best methods and ingredients. Keeping her new found love a secret, she continued to dig deeper in the soap world. She didn’t know that soon, her daughter would become her muse again. As with most 5-year old’s, repetition seems to be constant, especially when they’ve learned a new word! “Certainly” was that word for Peyton, as it seemed her every response at the time was, “Certainly, mooommm!” Instantly, Cambrea knew Certainly Soap was going to be her next chapter. Along for more than a ride, she dove in.

After 4 months of research and development, Certainly Soap was created and has already done its first collaboration. Created out of love, determination, and the pure desire to build something new and just plain old good for your body, Certainly Soap has arrived!

 Part III.

We have arrived.